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Arthur R. Westwell


Arthur R. Westwell was awarded the PhD in History at the University of Cambridge in 2017 with a dissertation entitled “The Dissemination and Reception of the Ordines Romani in the Carolingian Church, c. 750-900.” He held a Humboldt Fellowship at the University of Trier, working on “Digital Editing of Early Latin Pontifical Manuscripts and Rites, 800-1100.” He published “The Ordines of Vat.lat.7701 and the Liturgical Culture of Carolingian Chieti,” Papers of the British School at Rome, 86 (2018): 127-152. Dr. Westwell’s project as a Mellon Fellow, “Liturgical Allegory and the Transformation of the Latin Liturgy in the Era of the Carolingians (c. 750-900)” focuses on the recovery of the contribution of Carolingian scholars and liturgists to the written presentation and experience of the medieval Latin liturgy.

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