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Foteini Spingou

Foteini Spingou earned her DPhil at Keble College, Oxford University in 2013 with a thesis entitled “Words and artworks in the twelfth century and beyond. The thirteenth-century manuscript Marcianus gr. 524 and the twelfth-century dedicatory epigrams on works of art.” Among her recent publications are “Snapshots from the eleventh century: The Lombards from Bari, a chartoularios from ‘Petra’, and the complex of Mangana,” Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 39 (2015), and “The anonymous poets of the Anthologia Marciana: Questions of collection and authorship,” in The Author in Middle Byzantine Literature: Modes, Functions, and Identities, ed. A. Pizzone (De Gruyter, 2014). Dr. Spingou plans to study “anthologizing the occasion: medieval poetic anthologies and cultural memory” as a Mellon Research Fellow.

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